Tré Orona Flagstaff, Arizona

21 yrold MC, from FLGaz. reppin' FANG OVER FIST

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Track Name: Believe (Rough Mix) (beat by Cecil Tso)
so they wanna talk hip hop aight less do it
no distraction, just actions, i'm mellow when i prove it
show improvement, we shift the movement
im on my earth shit
conneciton, expressin, what i need to enjoy this
n we keep it loyal, in this global suicide
it's hard not write my disguise as a poet
it's gettin' realer n realer so lemme manifest
what's deep within my chest, now deep breath
progression is rebellion of the norm, don't conform
the perfect storm is war on what we've been told
they used to tell us we was wrong
now they rippin the bong, be calm
lets make it home, and come into our own
as a generation, see its life that we shapin
no time for breakin or watin
it's time to start creatin, the future, it's crucial
rebel to exel, everyday's a great when u willin to build
see we all broke and i dont mean paper
i put my stock in humanity until we all vapor
we humans are creators, it comes down to self
if we do right well we can heal this hell
see they trip what i spit sayin who this kid
man walk the 66 and understand who he is
mexican native american steady learnin bout life
the suits think we wont rise, but its our time, believe